CERAS EMART is an online platform which was established to cater the needs and demands of fresh products & grocery. We offer varieties local & imported products like frozen & marine seafood, vegetables, sauce & paste, dairy condiments and etc.


Maintaining freshness and quality of our products is our top priority. We have our own production & quality control team had undergo sufficient training to handle food processing, vacuum packing and etc. We constantly expand our facilities, including machines and infrastructure to ensure that our technologies stay current in the market. We also have comprehensive equipment and cold storage facilities that ensure stringent control of our frozen product’s quality.


As the price of our products fluctuate due to the seasonality, we would always ensure our customer to meet their demands with fair price.


We strive to keep pushing our boundaries and product range. We strive to keep pushing our boundary and product range to provide you an affordable luxury! Meanwhile, we provide delivery service to your doorstep with care!